I take most of these pictures while riding my bicycle around San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. August 27, 2007 and before: $15 Radio Shack digigr8, 300 kilopixel camera. November 13, 2007 and after: Canon SD1000

29 July 2006

Critical Mass.


27 July 2006

Bad Day to own a Bicycle.

Bicycle chain sitting right in the middle of the bike lane. Unless this person was only going to be heading downhill from here, this would be the end of their ride. But it didn't have to be. Carrying a chain tool is a simple way to avoid such a predicament. Some bicycle multi tools have a chain tool built in.

Chain tool:


26 July 2006

Waving. Hand grows fingers.

Same plant from January, 2006:


25 July 2006

Bad Day to own a Car.

*Bumpersticker reads: "This Car Climbed Mt. Washington."


Bad Day to own a Shopping Cart.

This was just outside of my place of employment. You could still smell the burnt remains of the wheels, and the other combustible items that were in the cart. This cart probably contained the sum total of someone's material possessions before it got torched.

A likely "before" picture below:


20 July 2006

Phone Phreaker. Code Cracker. Robo Hacker.

Puter asplode!


18 July 2006

Winged Horse Chariot Mods.

Death Drives a Limo.


10 July 2006

Cool Hats.