I take most of these pictures while riding my bicycle around San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. August 27, 2007 and before: $15 Radio Shack digigr8, 300 kilopixel camera. November 13, 2007 and after: Canon SD1000

31 May 2007

15 bajillion dollar cam

Who watches the watchers?
A blogger has been blogged!
By the uber-blog (google).
A friend of mine was perusing the new google maps.
And found me riding my bike down the street!!!

(Positively identified by bicycle, yellow jacket, helmet color, and messenger bag.)


16 May 2007

Motorized Retro Dream In Blue

Harkening to a time before expensive gas.
A time before personal audio delivery devices.
A time before the death of liberty and the celebration of the life of Jerry Falwell.
Times gone, but not forgotten.


14 May 2007

Hello CelloJoe

CelloJoe rapping/beatboxing/playing his cello.
Cool like Jello.
An interesting fellow.


07 May 2007

Here's looking at you . . .

The baby seemed to know something very important.
To those that knew how to listen, that is . . .