I take most of these pictures while riding my bicycle around San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. August 27, 2007 and before: $15 Radio Shack digigr8, 300 kilopixel camera. November 13, 2007 and after: Canon SD1000

26 January 2006

Wide open spaces

As a bicyclist, sharing space on the streets with other travelers is a delicate dance. The scene changes rapidly throughout the day. The photo below documents a moment this morning when I could ride leisurely down the middle of the street.

This is in stark contrast to the reverse commute. T
he following pictures were taken last night on my way home.

I attempted to capture the string of brake lights that snaked several block down the street. The four way stop sign ahead was creating a bottleneck for larger vehicles. As a bicyclist, I can weave through the cars. Paying attention to opening doors is crucial to avoid injury.

Traveling outside of the "door zone" is not always possible on narrow streets without bike lanes. Sometimes a moderate pace, a good set of flashing lights, bright clothing, and heightened alertness will have to suffice.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your father is a puto who majored in deal breaking at DU. I knew him when he was younger and smarter.

04 February, 2006 08:55  

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