I take most of these pictures while riding my bicycle around San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. August 27, 2007 and before: $15 Radio Shack digigr8, 300 kilopixel camera. November 13, 2007 and after: Canon SD1000

27 September 2006

Be free, all ye who enter.


26 September 2006

Roundly Cornering a Sharp Turn.

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21 September 2006

Par King.

Park(ing) Day. Thanks to Rebar !!! The urban environment is unkind to stillness. One must produce rent money, change for the cup of coffee that buys your table, or coins for a parking meter to lay anchor in your car. Stillness requires access to capital. Access to capital is generated through movement. Movement is encouraged at all times. Parking meters expire. Coffee shops close. Sprinkler systems discourage sleeping in parks.

To have a space to rest is a treasure in our increasingly developed spaces. Green, hospitable space in the city provides a temporary respite from the pressure of movement, void of calm places to sit and rest.

Today's Park(ing) experiment was a wonderful way to bring awareness to the issue of limited green space, and the health effects Most overheard comment out on the sod in front of the California College of Art: "We should have this here every day."


20 September 2006

Reach Ing.

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Smoke Ing.

By the time we got outside, the firefighters had already extinguished the flames. Nobody knew who the car belonged to. They're in for quite a surprise when they return to see the damage. Yow!


Dedicated to the supreme architect of the building.


14 September 2006

Ride of Life.

None of us knew each other. Or necessarily acknowledged each others presence. But coming together for those few seconds made that ride so much richer. It's amazing to compare and contrast the feeling of being a solo biker amongst the cars, versus the feeling of support, freedom, and safety that comes from riding in a group. It's wonderful to live in such a bike-friendly city. Safe travels, everyone!

Video taken with the 15dollarCam:

base 10: 32.
exponential: 2^5.
binary: 10000.
hexadecimal: 20.


13 September 2006

Freak Wheelin!

Let it Shine!

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11 September 2006

Welcome Back, Fog!

Riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, North to Sausalito. It was an unexpected surprise to see sun peeking through the clouds. The ride from the city to this point had been completely foggy. Not a single ray of direct sun light hath been behelden.

Threshold of the fog.

In Marin, looking South towards San Francisco city/county.


08 September 2006


Technology breeds variations. Thanks to the Canon for the sunset pics, but to celebrate the return of the 15dollarCam, I am posting an older set of photos highlighting the variety of transportation options available within a city. All of these photos were taken within a period of 15 seconds.

Bikes, pedestrians, trains, motorcycles, cars, trucks, . . .
what else do you see?

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07 September 2006

Last one. Promise promise.

The colors were just so unbelievable. This was taken at sunset on my father's 60th birthday.


Kickin' out the Hi-Rez.

Photos taken with a full featured camera. Will return to the low-rez world soon. Promise.

Happy 60, Pops!


06 September 2006

Hi Lo

This pic was taken with a camera that cost significantly more than 15 dollars. It expresses the spirit of how I spent the last 10 days: relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing.