I take most of these pictures while riding my bicycle around San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. August 27, 2007 and before: $15 Radio Shack digigr8, 300 kilopixel camera. November 13, 2007 and after: Canon SD1000

26 January 2007

Our old friend, hands full of fruit, offering to the world.

original photo - taken 1/30/06

This old cactus lives an intersting life. Grown large between the steel bars between two buildings, it has locked itself into this particular windown on the world. It seems rather at peace, forming new cactus fruit "fingers" on the end of its spiky palm. This is one guy who's handshake I'd have to refuse.


25 January 2007

Time and Space Vortex!

Wow! These two pics were a total surprise. I was just clicking away while walking past a restaurant window. Wanted to share these with the world while they're hot and fresh. Returning to the anniversary theme tomorrow. Stare into the lights --- you are getting older!


24 January 2007

Miles of Smiles.

original photo from 3-16-06

I imagine that when El Volado rolls into town, heads turn. Mine did about a year ago, when I first started seeing him around town.

The flux capacitor seems to be in good shape.

Other than some duct tape that I spotted on one of the seats, and a little fender bender, he looks no worse for the wear, one year later.

Do you notice any changes to the pile of trinkets on the hood? Perhaps too hard to tell from these photos. One does wonder, though . . .


23 January 2007

Happy Anniversary!

original photo from 3-1-06

One year later, the 15dollarCam is still alive!
Although I have thought it had seen its end more than once,
it was usually just the battery needing to be charged.

For the next few posts, I should like to present *new* photographs of subjects that have been previously featured on the site. The anniversary series will start with two of my favorite neighborhood residents: Lola (today) and El Volado (tomorrow). Thanks to all of the viewers, known and unknown, who have peered at my little project over the year. This series is dedicated to you all. Enjoy! ---ZYL

Notice: The Lazer Chicken Bus Mods have been modded! Yow!


20 January 2007

Wigged out.

The joys of a cheap camera include inadvertent visual effects. I was moving while this camera was taken. I think the digital image processor inside the device operates slowly. Perhaps this composition was created similarly to an image resulting from moving one's hand on a photocopy machine while the scanning light is operating. Thoughts? Theories?


18 January 2007

Gauze and glow. Light tickles ground.


08 January 2007

Light Play.

Digitally born. Digitally manipulated. Digitally displayed.


Real Fast.

The artistic scope of low quality cameras seems unlimited. Supposed 'errors' or 'artifacts' can present a picture of reality that our conditioned mind may never have conceived of.

*full photographic disclosure* 15dollarCam was out of commission. Pictures were taken with Oregon Scientific DS6310 3.0 Mega Pixel digital camera. Higher megapixels, yet still low quality. Wonderfully low quality.