I take most of these pictures while riding my bicycle around San Francisco. I hope you will enjoy viewing them. August 27, 2007 and before: $15 Radio Shack digigr8, 300 kilopixel camera. November 13, 2007 and after: Canon SD1000

02 February 2006

Dissolving into the fog

The bright newspaper boxes join the palette of colors painting the space beneath a foggy sky.

With the right clothing and a bit of preparation, the rain is merely another texture to ride through.

Morning light dimmed by the fog, cars have their headlights on at 8:45am.

Low clouds, swallowing this crane.



Blogger M said...

Beautiful colors especially in the top photo. A 15 dollar camera? I wonder what make? Might get one myself. :)

10 March, 2006 09:38  
Blogger Zhai YaLi said...

Thanks :)
More info on the 15dollarCam

10 March, 2006 09:46  

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